Day 2 & Day 3:

Day 2:

What am I most grateful for right now?

Today, I’m most grateful for my life. Its a blessing to wake each day as someone didn’t get that chance. Each day I’m given the chance to awaken, is a new day to get right what I didn’t get right the day before. I’m grateful, for each person who crosses my path. As you never know how that person will impact your life. I’m grateful, the things I have in my life whether big or small as tomorrow it can all go away. I’m grateful for the time I spent with my son and I’m grateful for the woman my daughter is becoming. Most importantly, I’m grateful for my husband because he sacrifices so much to provide for his family.

Day 3:

What brings me genuine joy?

Honestly and truthfully, at the moment nothing brings me genuine joy. Caring for my son’s every need brought me genuine joy. Now, I’m searching for that joy again. I’m sure that once, I come to peace with things within myself and about myself, I will find that genuine joy once again. I’m search for joy, I need joy back in my life. However, awakening everyday is joy :).

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