Business Opportunity

Hello, I’m the CEO of Da Jewelry Boutique! I’ve been a consultant now for 1 year and 4 months. I got into this business for the discount that’s it. However, shortly after I realized that I wanted to be a boss and hopefully make this business my fulltime job. My “WHY” in this business is my husband, I want to be able to ease some of the stress off him, so that he doesn’t have to work so hard everyday. I want my husband to be able to be at home and run the business he wants to run while assisting me with my growing empire.

This business changes lives!! I’ve seen it with my own eyes in my short time in this business. I have seen the first $5 millionaire, who is just 27 years old!! I seen about 5 plus more join her in her ranks. I’ve seen people pay for homes, buy new car with cash, retire from corporate America jobs, do things for their families that they never dreamed of prior to Paparazzi. To me Paparazzi has 5 reasons one should start their own business:

  • Work From Home: if you ever wanted to stay home to work, this job is for you. It’s not easy but its fun and definitely rewarding and if you are willing to work your business this is definitely the move to make. Just think about being able to be home with your kids, being able to go to the events that you miss otherwise because you’re working. Being able to be home to take care of a loved one. Paparazzi makes it all possible!
  • Be Your Own Boss. Who doesn’t want to work for self? With Paparazzi you can be your own boss. You own your own business as an independent consultant of Paparazzi. If you work your business, you may never work for anyone ever again.
  • 45% COMMISSION. It’s simple. Buy inventory at wholesale, sell it at the fabulously famous $5 price, and pocket the 45% difference. No limits. How much commission do you get from some of these other direct sales companies?
  • Flexible Hours. You work your business when you want to work your business!! But to be successful you have to give it your all!! This business is truly flexible. I work a 9 to 5, and I can work this business when I’m done with that. I can work this between in between my fulltime. I can work when I get home, on the weekends. WHENEVER I WANT TO!! I predict my hours.
  • Last but not least-UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL!!! I have never seen an direct sales company that allows me so many opportunities to sales to make money. With Paparazzi, I can sell using social media, I can sell at home parties, in schools, in boutiques, in front of a business (with prior authorization), YOU CAN EVEN GET A BRICK AND MOTAR STORE!!! I can rent a space and have a physical store!! I don’t know of any other direct sales business that allows this!! What more do you need to hear!!!

How do you make money you ask?

Direct Sales. Through home parties, family, friends.

Team Building. When others join your team you will generate a commission for their sales. You generate a commission from their team building.

Online Bonus. Receive a 45% commission for the online orders through your websites. Every piece brought you get 45%!!

WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? Join my team today