Day 16: Write a Thank You letter to yourself

Dear Taunya,

I want you to just relax and take a load off. You are a great person despite how others think of you and what they say about you. You have had to be strong for so long for other people, it’s okay to relax and just enjoy all aspects of your life.

I just want to thank you for being strong when all you have wanted to do is give up and run away from everything. You hold so much in because you don’t want to seem like a burden, crybaby, weak, a bitch or anything else that others think of you. It’s okay for you not to be strong, it’s okay for you to cry as much as you need to, it cleanses your soul.

Thank you Taunya for being strong and independent, it’s okay to breathe and let your guard down. It’s okay to open your heart and love others the way they love you. There are areas in life were you lack, everyone lacks in something. Thank you for what you have done and will do! I appreciate YOU!

Thank you for being a great mom to Ty. She may not do everything you expect her to do but she is listening and learning what you taught her. You should be very proud. You have done an amazing job shaping the woman she is becoming.

Lastly, Thank you for being an amazing mom to a little boy (lord the tears are back) who loved you with all his heart. You was the voice that he didn’t have. You made sure that he had everything he needed and more. You protected him as he couldn’t protect himself. You beat yourself up daily because you feel that you didn’t do enough to save him but you did everything you could. Taunya, it was his time to return to his father, his time was complete. You did nothing wrong, you made no mistakes. Thank you for loving him unconditionally. Thank you for treating him just like he didn’t have a disorder. Thank you for giving him opportunities to live his life without limitations. Taunya, you were the best mom you could have been to him and and more. Cameron was and is proud and looking down on you, thanking you everyday.

Thank you for being you,

Taunya, I love you!

Thank you!