Losing weight: Day 1

Beginning weight today: 234

Heaviest: 275-280

Goal weight: 190 or whenever I can “officially” come off the meds I don’t take. (I will address that in this post)

So, if you have known me most off my life, then you know that I’ve always been PHAT (pretty, hot, and tempting lol) no but I’ve been fluffy most of my life. Did you know that it was finally over the last couple months that I have FINALLY not been okay with being fluffy. I have a freaking granny bag of pills that I take (well supposed) to take daily. I ABSOLUTELY HATE TAKING MEDICATION!!!

I was diagnosed with diabetes; August of 2018. Was told by my doctor that I needed to be managing my health a little better. I’ve somewhat tried to eat healthy and I’ve tried to exercise, I think I equally hate exercising just as much as I hate taking meds. The only thing that has helped me lose weight, is a plant based diet and intermittent fasting. I was first introduced to a plant based dieting, I stuck with it for about a good month and half. Then back to my way of eating unhealthily. I tried and struggled with doing the right thing but just didn’t have the motivation to do what was needed of me to get my health in check. You would think me being self conscience about my body would make me want to change but nope I just hid behind loose fitting clothing and the fact that I don’t have many friends that I would need to leave the house to be seen.

This past Summer my A1C (blood sugars) was in the 12s (this number is very high and could lead to strokes), so I consulted a weight loss doctor for nonsurgical weight loss help. However, after 3 appointments and a high ass bill. I stopped going and decided I was going to finally take matter in my own hands. I revisited the plant based/low carb eating and walking. I lost about 45 to 50 pounds, which is how I got to the 234. In mid August, somethings happened in my personal life that caused me to not eat like I was and caused a slight onset of my depression. HOWEVER, I was able to maintain my weight loss with 1 to 3 pound increases and decreases.

So that granny bag of pills. I’m on about 8 to 10 pills for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol (my cholesterol has never been a problem really so I don’t know why I allowed my doctors to keep me on this med), and vitamins. In addition, 2 injections, one insulin and one for diabetes but no insulin. After my 50 pound weight loss, I took myself off all meds except the insulin (I do not advise, please seek your doctors advise prior to taking self off medication). Again, I don’t like taking medications and I have a issue with doing what I’m told (this is in all areas of my life. You can insert the face palm emoji here, lol.). I check my blood sugar at least 2 times weekly, my numbers are running between 95-115, which is amazing for me as my numbers was in the 300 and 400s. So, I think I’m managing well with out the meds however I really need to be seen by my PCP to make sure.

So, today being January 1, I decided to start another plant based journey to where I will eat plant based/clean for at least 5 to 6 days a week and the other 1 or 2 days, I will have meat for my source of protein. I don’t eat enough protein foods (although, I’m fluffy, I’m picky about my food) to do a strictly plant based diet. My goal is to stick with this till my birthday June 30 or until I lose 30 to 50 more pounds. Hopefully, it will become a lifestyle that I will stick with permanently except seafood, I GOT TO EAT MY CRABLEGS!! I can not and will not live without crablegs. I think this 30 to 50 more lbs with surely get my health in a great place to where I really don’t have to be on ANY medications and I can finally get in a 2 piece bikini I’ve been dreaming about. I haven’t been able to wear one since I was 2, lmao. My goal is to lose this weight by my birthday, reward myself with a bomb photoshoot and a trip to someone’s island where someone’s daddy or granddaddy is starring a hole in me. Hey, I’m just being honest. Someone going to see these cheeks in a bikini, lmao.

My biggest motivation for wanting to lose this weight is because I was told I would not be attractive if I lost weight. My next motivation is that I want to live a long life so I don’t have to live with my daughter when I get older. I want to be as healthy as possible to keep from having to live with her. I know she will beat me. I just know it. lol

If you want to know how I fair on this journey, subscribe to my blog so you can be the first to see my transformation and the process its taking me to get there.

Thanks for stopping by, until the next post….BE EASY!

11 thoughts on “Losing weight: Day 1”

  1. Greetings! I am beginning this year with determination! I have said it before…but this time I mean it. I am facing some of the same issues as you are. I need to lose weight so that I can get rid of some of my medications. I hate taking so many pills every day!! I am on this journey with you. Found your blog by searching for some weight loss encouragement. blessings to you!


    1. Welcome, so glad you found me! Hopefully I can be of some encouragement to you on this weigh loss journey. It’s truly hard but once you start seeing results it’s so rewarding!


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