Weight loss Journey Day 2

Hey gang!! Thanks for all the positive feedback and encouragement you have given me on this journey. I’m so looking forward to just being a more healthier me. I will give weekly updates on my weight loss journey as not much is going to change day to day. Stay tuned though as I will post some of my non meat recipes that I attempt and any health information that I find useful. I will also be posting some other things that I feel is blog worthy as I have a goal to make some type of post everyday for this year, its a great thing I can schedule posted ahead of time.

So today is day 2. I actually got up and walked this morning in the COLD!!! It was like 34 degrees this morning when I left the house. I was very under dressed for my walk, a tank top, sweatshirt, and leggings. No hat, gloves, or scarf, nothing. I almost quit and came home at least 3 times but I held strong; walked almost 5 miles and 12,432 steps before 10 am.

I haven’t walked since about September due to having 2 jobs. I mean, I honestly still could have been walking but I was making excuses because of the cooler weather and I was kind of tired from working the extra job. But still excuses none the less.

That walk was what I needed and had been missing. I believed I pulled a muscle walking this morning and now can barely move without hurting so bad. I’m going to Biofreeze down and take some pain meds tonight and hopefully get back up in the morning to walk it out again.

So I intermittent fast. For those who don’t know what that is, I do 16:8. What that means is that for 16 hours, I fast. I have nothing but water those and within a 8 hours time period I eat. I chose to IF because I don’t like breakfast foods. I will eat them if I fix breakfast for my family but if its just me, I’m don’t want to eat it. My hours to eat is 12 to 8. If I’m hungry before 12, I drink water to try to curve the hungry until I can eat at 12. This definitely helps as when its time for me to eat, I’m not that hungry and I feel full so I don’t eat that much. When I’m able to eat I try to eat a sensible sized meal. Try my best NOT TO SNACK. But they be calling me sometimes lol. Usually what I decide to eat will carry me through the day. Many times this is my only meal. This is a no no as I’m not eating enough. This is why I’m eating 90% plant based because I do not eat enough calories a day and I don’t consume enough proteins. I need a meat day or two to get in what I’m lacking the other days. However for me, this has helped me in losing weigh and maintain it at this point. I’m at a stand still now though and I must do something different to get the results I’m looking for.

Okay, finishing up with Day 2:

For lunch today, we decided to go to Red Lobster. Now, I was excited I had already planned to break my plant based eating to eat some fried shrimp, some pasta, and some crab legs. Aht, aht…..mind your business, lol. I almost skipped into Red Lobster because my fat inner self was about to be satisfied and already licking the butter off my fingers. Look at my lunch…

You guys proud of me? I had a salad and roasted brussels sprouts with a water. I was so proud of myself. My daughter and sister had some good dishes that smelled so good but I held strong and got a salad and brussels. 🙂 I did eat a Cheddar Bay biscuit or two, tho. Bread is my weakness. I couldn’t resist.

Dinner: I was still full from my lunch but knew I needed to eat something. So I had a slice of Mike’s Killer Sprout bread, 70 cals per slice with about a tablespoons of crunchy peanut. That’s it and I felt like I had a whole meal. Oh I can’t forget the dark chocolate covered almond, it was just 1.

Now to end my day. I’m at 18,000 steps, I’m going to try my best to do this 20 min step routine before I settle into bed tonight. If I can’t make it through, I’m not mad as I have been moving for much of the day. Slow but moving. I want to try to hit 20,000 steps tonight. I haven’t had enough water, so I’m going to attempt to get as much as I can in before I shut it completely down then hope my bladder will be loyal enough that I will only get up twice tonight for the rest room. lol. And take my insulin.

Thanks for checking in today. I will give you guys another weight loss update sometime next week. Be on the look out for a recipe post possibly tomorrow or Monday. I have a craving for falafels and I just so happen to have all the ingredients to make baked falafels!!! If you never had them you should definitely try them!!! See ya, tomorrow!!!

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