January a complete BUST!!!!

JUST THROW THE WHOLE MONTH OF JANUARY AWAY!!!! I don’t even know why I even attempt to do anything remotely healthy in January. January for me is a bad month. It’s the month of my son’s death, a uncles death, the death of my daughter’s best friend, the death anniversary of some HPE kiddos, toppled with a trying time I’m experiencing.

I always start the month off great, then periods of depression and sadness overwhelms me as my anxiety of my sons death anniversary consumes my every being (although this year, I’ve had the best day ever with no tears since he passed). I was doing so well. But when I start to feel down and sad, I allow myself to feel all the feels. I allow myself to consume all the bad stuff that makes me feel so much better. But then I pay for it in the end.

At weight in this morning, I gained 4.8 pounds :(. I’m not happy about the weight gain but it could have been a lot more as I ate and snacked something terrible in January. BUT….Im so happy my clothing is still fitting the same. It’s time to regroup, reevaluate, and restart this healthy journey.

I’ve struggled for most of my young adult life with my weight and finally over the last 7 months I’m having success with losing. I just need to remain stressful free, get refocused on my mental and physical health. You do know your mental health, can play huge part in your physical health? Continuing to search for a counselor /therapist that I like as I need to actively be working on my mental, so it can align with what I want and need to happen physically.

Now to regroup, set a new goal to get this 5 pounds that I gained back off then to reset my goals to get to my still undetermined goal weight. I think I’ll know what that weight is once I get to a body size that I don’t mind looking at. lol

How do you regroup when you fall off your goals?

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