Roasted Green Bean, Sweet Potatoes, and Tomatoes

I’m trying to find creative plant based meals, since I’m embarking on a mostly plant based lifestyle. Yesterday for lunch I made some roasted veggies and they were delicious. I don’t measure, so this recipe you will have to wing it to your liking. Ingredients: Fresh green beans3 small sweets potatoes Grape tomatoes Minced garlic… Continue reading Roasted Green Bean, Sweet Potatoes, and Tomatoes

Falafel Recipe

Hey guys! Here’s a great meat alternative to try. I love a falafel! You definitely have to try it it you haven’t! I promise it’s definitely worth the try. If you don’t want to fix it yourself and have a Zoe’s kitchen, they have a really good falafel. Below you will find a recipe, now… Continue reading Falafel Recipe