Do You Bullet Journal?

O M to the G!! Have you guys heard of Bullet Journaling. It’s all the new rave! So if you haven’t heard of bullet journaling is an analog system created by Ryder Carroll. Mr. Carroll states, “bullet journaling is to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” It’s like journaling with pretty colors, different pens, and cool designs.

I found this awesome blog called Tiny Ray of Sunshine that has everything you ever wanted to know about bullet journaling. There’s even a #100DaysofBulletJournalchallenge, that I may implement into my bullet journaling experience for 2019. I discovered bullet journaling earlier this year and instantly became obsessed, which quickly died as I overly love things, then I’m on to the next thing, hence my dog (she’s another blog post) lol. 

So the whole bullet journal is a 4 key concept. 

  • 1st Key: Indexing- Indexing allows you to know exactly where the different things you bullet journaling are at. So that you can easily find a certain something.
  • 2nd Key: Collections- Collections are better known at topics. At the present moment in my 2019 bullet journal my topics that I’ve done was one for paying my car off, losing weight (ha ha ha), and there states I’ve visited and still need to visit. There are 3 main types of collections and they are: future logs, monthly logs, and daily log. Paying off my car in a future log, losing weight can fall under monthly and daily log. My states collection, can be a monthly or future log. 
  • 3rd Key: Rapid-logging. Something that we do mindlessly and don’t even realize it. When we jot down our grocery list or a quick list of things we need to do on a particular day or that week, we are rapid-logging. Rapid-loggings consists of 2 part-bullets and Signifiers. Bullets have 3 parts, task bullets ex. wash clothes, picking up dry cleaning, call Tyrone (call himmmm). The next is Event Bullet which it a event that you need or want to accomplish, gym, a meeting, lunch date. The last is Note Bullet. Note bullets are ideas, reminders, observations. Now we journey to Signifiers add extra content to your journal. So this is like asterisks, punctuations, etc.
  • 4th Key: Migration is like when you don’t accomplish a goal or task. You MIGRATE it over to another collection

To get started with bullet journaling ideas and a bullet journal. Now, Amazon is my all time favorite place to shop but their Leuchtturm1917 (huh, yea I don’t know either) journals can be pretty expensive ($19.99). Okay, that may not be expensive for some but I got some graphic paper books for Wally world for $.97 during back to school time, they serve the same purpose, #winning. Then you will need some fancy writing instrumental, so I went straight the Dollar Tree to pick up some fancy writing sticks aka pens. BUT I did buy the $16 PaperMate Felt tipped markers, because I liked the pretty colors!! Then I went to the HOLY GRAIL for Bullet Journal Inspiration…..Pinterest, lol. 

Go to Pinterest if you have an account or just type in Bullet Journaling in the search engine, I’m telling you it is something to behold. I will be implementing it along to my planner obsession. Let me know what you think about bulleting journaling for you or pass?

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