Christmas Tradition

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the definition of the word tradition is an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior. Many families big or small incorporate traditions for Christmas whether it’s flying to another state to visit family, hosting dinner in your home for the holidays, or making cookies at Christmas Eve night with your kids.

I’m excited because the tradition in my home start a few days before Christmas with my sister and nephew who stay in our home for Christmas. Now my sister absolutely LOVES Christmas. Now me, I love it as well if I don’t have to spend my own money, lol. We go all out for Christmas and for what, most times we get sweatshirt 😡(somethings you just should buy online), unwanted socks and things that you asked for but will probably not utilize until your being called out on not utilizing it (this is so me).

The tradition in my family starts when we put our tree 🎄 up. In the past we would put up 3 trees because my son loved Christmas. Last year, we put up two the big one and a 4 ft tree that we dubbed “Cameron’s tree”. Cameron was our son, who passed away almost 7 years ago. This year, I didn’t put his tree up as I was awaiting my sister and nephew to come over so we all could put it up together. Umm, but here it is 2 days before Christmas and the tree is still not up. So, it will go up today, maybe.

The fun starts Christmas Eve night, we usually get matching Christmas PJ’s (the hubster is not a willing participant in the PJs part of the Christmas program) but this year we decided we would wear our old Christmas jammy’s because we have matching Christmas Day outfits, shhhhh don’t tell my sister cause she doesn’t know. I hope she doesn’t read this until later Christmas Day 😂. After, we get in our jammy’s, we then open our Christmas Eve Boxes. Christmas Eve Boxes, in my home replaces stockings. We have brought nice decorative boxes for each family member and we buy things for everyone’s box. In the boxes we have put candies, mugs, planners, gift cards, makeup, hygiene items, money, games, jewelry, alcohol (for the big guy), just anything we would think the other person would like.

After the boxes are opened, we then make Christmas cookies for Santa. Santa forgot to eat the cookies last year and had to hurried eat them while Eden was eating breakfast. We make or gather other snacks as well to prepare for our night. We may play a game or have a dance battle or sing off. After all that fun is done we settle in on the couch with our snacks, blankets, pillows, turn the lights off and prepare for movie time the rest of the night til the wee hours of the morning. My family favorite thing to do on Christmas Eve is to watch scary movies. I don’t know how this started but this is what my crazy family does. We have done this for the past few years and absolutely love it. This year however my hubster will be working and not coming home until the 29th 😦 but we will still carry on the tradition as if he was still here. But I’m not eating the cookies!!!

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