Impossible Whooper…Good or Nah?

Feel like a Whooper but does it taste like a Whooper?

SOOOOOO, I have finally tried the IMPOSSSSIIIBBBBLLLLEEEEE Whooper!! (You like those dramatics, I did. lol) Now, I was skeptical about it, like there is not way in HELLO that this meatless “burger” is going to taste like the almighty Whooper no way. In my mind, it was going to taste like the gosh awful BK Veggie Burger. Haven’t any of you #veganmites tried it? I remember when I was doing the Daniel’s Fast with my church, my husband and I tried the BK Veggie Burger, it was utterly disgusting. I love veggies, but this brown chick could not get with that veggie mush mess.

However, I’ve been wanting to try this for the past month and yesterday’s lunch was it!! So, I get back to my office and clear off a space for my meatless burger (I have to admit here that I had a 10 pc spicy nugget from Wendy’s just in case, BK disappoints me like always). So I proceeded to snack on my nuggets and begin to prepare my sandwich. So now its time to take a look at what we would be possibly consuming. I undress him slowly……

Where’s the other piece of “meat”.

Okay as you can see, its appears to look like a burger patty. Look at those charbroiled line of BK perfection, my mouth was watering just a tad of this point. OKAYYYYYY BK, you looking official. However, they still with the mess with the yellow and white pieces of lettuce. I guess they have to keep their rep of ridiculousness. Now it’s time to doctor it up so I can give it a taste.

Got to have that extra ketchup!

We all know that although the Whooper comes with ketchup, you HAVE TO ADD MORE!!! It’s just something about adding that extra ketchup that sends the sandwich over the top. Or maybe it’s just the fluffy girl in me but this is delicious to me. Okay, so I put the mushed top bun back on the sandwich, give it a quick “smack it up, flip it, and rubbed it down”, who said “Oh nooooooo”? Got to love some BBD!!

Moment of truth: I bit into the Impossible Whopper. I’m chewing and I’m chewing. The inner and outter PHAT girl what like DJ Kool come on with it…….. “Hold Up, WAIT A MINUTE”. YO, this Impossible Burger, is IMPOSSIBLEEEEEEE. Yo, this meatless burger, taste 90% like a WHOOPER!!! You do get that hint of this is not a hamburger taste but overall it tastes like a Whooper. Whaaaatttttttt! Ya, girl was digging this Impossible Whooper!!!!!

So this “burger” patty consists of soy protein, potato protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and heme. Not sure what heme is but I will eat it again, Heme (hear me; get it, you see what I did there, lol). BK, not sure if your planning on keeping this on your menu but you should as you have a winner here, at least I think so. Now because I ate that 10 pc Spicy with barbaque (yep just like that. Thanks Wendy for bringing these back, keep them!! PLEASE), I couldn’t eat all my sandwich. I will definitely recommend this to other veganmites or anyone who just want a healthier option with the fast food taste. The Impossible Burger from BK gets an 8 out of 10 burgers from me!!

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