Delayed but Not DENIED!!!

As this post loads, I am currently preparing to accept my Masters degree 21 years, 11 months after I graduated from high school (whoop, whoop C/O ’97). This is a day that I never thought would happen. College was in my post high school plans however I thought it was over once I became pregnant my senior year of high school. It took me 8 years after graduating high school to go back to school, 10 years to get my first degree.

Then I had my second child who was born special needs and would require all my time as he would need 100% care. Then his journey ended at 7 years old. 6 years after my first degree, I decided to go back to school for my second. In 2016, I would earn my second degree and 4 months later I would apply to grad school. 2 years later, I earned a Master’s degree in Human Service Counseling and Life Coaching and is a certified Life Coach (that remembers me I need to contact the Counseling Accreditation to get my certificate).

I baffles me everyday to look on my wall at work and see my Master’s degree hanging there with my name on it. Something that I never thought I would every have. I am the first in my intermediate family to have a graduate degree!!

No matter what obstacles you face in life, know that your future is not just a little delayed not denied! You can do whatever it is that you want to do as long as you set that goal and never forget it. It can move up and down on your goal chart as many times as it needs to, just don’t take it off all together. Move and revamp as needed.

Cam and mom, I did it!! I hope you guys are looking down on my proudly! In the moments that I wanted to give up, you guys whispered in my ear and encouraged me to keep going. Thank you and I love you both. Please save a seat for me in Heaven. Love you both and miss you like crazy. My personal guardian angels.

The excitement is finally setting in, my heart is so full as this is something I never imagined that would ever happen to me. I am so thankful!!!

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