Out with 2018, In with 2019.

Well good riddance to 2018 and hello to 2019. Last year, was a year of learning and growth. I didn’t grow in a few areas that I would like to had but there’s always this year, right? So 2018 taught me a few lessons:

  1. That I can’t continue to do the same things and expect different results. This applies to many areas of my life. I’m a very strong willed person and like to do things my way and in my timing. However, in certain areas that hasn’t worked to well in my favor. In 2019, my goal is to let go and just let God take control of these situations. 
  2. NEVER QUIT! This applies to my business. When things got tough, I just quit. I never tried to take full advantage of opportunities afforded to me to succeed and I just quit without even utilizing the tools given to me. Once, I decided not to quit things took a turn for the better. 
  3. Even those who supposed to love you will throw dirty on you to try to make themselves look like a saint. And they will say they are justified, like its right. 
  4. Even 6 years after the passing of my son, it still hurts like hell but you DO learn to live with the pain and can make it through without feeling down and depressed.
  5. All hard work and sacrifice, will reap a great harvest. After, being out of school for 20.5 years I received my MASTERS!!!!
  6. And the last most important lesson that 2018 taught me is that as long as you continue to keep God in your life, things will work for your good. 

So with the New Year here, I said that I wouldn’t make any resolutions because I never stick to them. So I have goals that I’m aiming for this year.

  1. To be able to quit my 9 to 5 in July the month of my 1 year employment anniversary. I want to be able to work my business full time and devote my time doing this things I love.
  2. To become an author. I have been writing a book about my son since his passing but depression overcomes me whenever I began to type it up and it has taken me forever to complete it. 
  3. To be a better wife, mother, and friend. I plan to achieve this goal by not being so strong willed and being slow to speak and more willing to listen. Being more willing to do my part as a wife, mother, and friend. 
  4. To become a little more closer to being debt free. I’m doing this by working my business to earn extra income but I want to get more out of debt, so I will be adding a part time job (two to three days a week) just to spend the process up.
  5. To lose weight!!! I need to lose a whole person!! lol As I want to wear a 2 piece bathing suit on the beach in the PR this June. I want to wear one at least one time before I leave this earth in a skinny body. I mean I’ve worn one but it was back in the time when rolls was acceptable (baby rolls that is). 

Well 2018, was not a bad but I want to make 2019, ten times before then 2018. I want to travel more, laugh more and leaving all the other bull hockey in the past. 

What lessons did 2018, teach you?

1 thought on “Out with 2018, In with 2019.”

  1. You have great goals to work fo this year. May you accomplish all of them. Cheers to your best year ever!


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