Our Dearest Cameron

Hello Cameron,

I can’t believe the same amount of years you was with us, is now that same amount of years you have been away from us. It’s been 7 years since you left us on earth (actually 7 years and 2 days), and moved to your new home in Heaven. As, you know we miss you dearly daily. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t miss you.

I just want you to know that although, I was a mother prior to you. You made me a better mother. You made me feel that I was a great mother. With you, I knew that I was doing right by you and your sister. Although, I still had a lot of growing to do in other areas in my motherhood journey, I know with you I was the best mom ever.

Everyone misses you like crazy. Your dad continues to work hard and stay gone a lot as you already know. If you could just whisper in his ear and let him know that its okay to come home and enjoy what he worked for, I would appreciate it. He works so hard. If you could give him a hug today, just a little harder and let him know that you love him. I know that he will appreciate it.

Also, give your sissy a big hug as she could use one as well. She lost her best friend last weekend and its been very hard on her. Easy her heart and her mind that she won’t miss her friend so much. When you not busy give Antoinette and Sean a hug from us and show them the ropes up there. Also, push Ty through her next year and half of school. Help her to finish strong and not give up. Push her to do her best and knock this out the park for you! Your auntie is still have rough days, give her a hug as well. Whisper in Eden’s ear to let him know that he must do well in school. He’s been struggling some let him know that you are watching him and he has to make good grades.

Cameron, it’s really hard living in this world without you. I never wanted children but God blessed me with two. Mom pretty much raised Ty due to me working and going to school, so God decided to slow me down with you. I thank God daily that I was able to be your mom. I thank God that he gave me you with all the issues you came with. I would give anything in the world to have all that back. The seizures, the tube feedings, the trach care, the multiple doctors, all the medical equipment. I will take it all back if that means I get to spend another second, minute, hour, day, whatever to have you back. It saddeneds me that I can’t have another child because I would love to be able to talk to them about their big brother.

Cameron, YOU BROUGHT US SO MUCH JOY!!! Except that day when you was about 2 or 3 weeks old and you didn’t want to sleep you just wanted to cry. I didn’t like you that much that day. I’m so glad your Grandma Frances, said bring him to me. After a good nights sleep, I was back to normal and ready to love you again. 🙂 We all loved you like with every inch of our beings. Your dad was nervous at first but he loved you from the moment you entered into this world and would defend you to the end. Your sister was your second mom, because of you and the care she gave you’ set the course for her to know what to do when she decides to have her own kids.

You impacted us all. We will never ever forget you! We will always love you, we will forever speak your name!!

Cameron Jacob Bryant, WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!

We love you forever,

Mommy, Daddy, Ty

2 thoughts on “Our Dearest Cameron”

  1. I don’t believe you received my last post, lol, I probably didn’t do it right! Just wanted you to know that our little blessings are always with us. Its been 9 years since my Dori passed, forever 16, yet I know she’s with me daily. I miss those huge hugs, smiles and her aggressive kisses on my cheek. No, the pain doesn’t go away but it subsides a little each day. I pray your healing heart, God bless you and your family.


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