It’s Been A While!!

Wow, I hate starting something and not seeing it through, however, I also hate how I take on so many tasks and interests knowing I don’t have time to do everything I like and want to do. This blog being one. I have some many ideas and things that I want and need to get out but don’t have the time nor the energy to do everything my brain is screaming at me to do. I guess just like I plan for work, I’m going to have to write down my blogging time in my planner so I can dedicate my time to blogging. I find blogging so therapeutic, you can just release all those built up ideas, thoughts, goals, etc onto this blank canvas and beginning painting the picture of the things you want to see.

So, what’s been going on since I last blogged? Well, working, working, and working in all aspects. My 9 to 5, 6 or 7; keeps me pretty business to the point when I get home I just want to relax and not thinking about anything else. However, I love what I do!!! Then, when the energy finds me I have been working my jewelry business. Its a process but I love it as well. Trying to be a leader and focus and work my business like a business it hard work. That’s an upcoming post so I won’t dive into that right now. However, I’m finally committed 100% to make it work for me as I can see myself working for someone else any longer. I started this business to be my own boss and now its time for me to start working my business like I want to be my own boss.

Personal life, I don’t really have much of that as I’m realizing “friends” make time for what they want to make time for. I see that I need to leave some “friends” where they are as whenever I reach out to some they always busy. You know God, places folks in your life for certain time periods and I’m realizing that their time in my life has expired and now its time to put people in my life whose going to push me towards my goals and dreams and leave the ones who stagnant in my life where they are. And, you know what? Today, I’m perfectly fine with that. If I have to do things alone or find new people to do things with, then I will do just that!

But any who, I’m glad to be back on my blog and I’m going to spend today preparing for next month in my planner to schedule time in to post to my blog. It take 21 days to create a habit, so buy the end of May, I hope that blogging would have became a permanent fixture in my daily life where I won’t have to plan it any longer!!!

IM BACKKKKKKKKK, hopefully, lol!!!

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