Creating A New Habit?

Soooo, rumor has it that it take 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle change. I have all these plans to do things like losing weight, consistently working my business, starting a new hobby, etc. I get these ideas and get so overwhelmed or bored that I never follow through to completion or enough to be successful.

Recently, with my business I want to advance to the point where I want my business to replace my 9 to 5, but I need to consistently work my business. It’s hard as I deal with depression and at a drop of a dime, I shut down and don’t want to do anything for a while. This month with my business, I have decided to give it my all! I’m have a team under me and I have to work my business so they will work their businesses. I can’t ask my team to do things that I’m not doing for myself with my own business. That’s in life as well, we always want others to do the things we want them to do but are we really going to reciprocate what we expecting? I know for me, I don’t. I want what I want and I’m not interested in making sure someone else have what they need or want. I’m so stubborn, lol. At least I know what I am.

Last monthly, I started utilizing my planner daily, something that I have failed to do over these past year or so when my love for planners grew. I had all types of planners but never used them. Now I use my planner daily!

So, this month I’m tackling my business. I have committed to do my daily challenges set forth for me. About 2 weeks in I have to say that I’m looking forward daily to doing my morning challenges. I can see myself possibly doing my lives every morning! Each day I’m dedicating myself to do something with my business. So far I’m off to a good start.

The next thing I need to tackle is this weight loss. I ABSOLUTELY HATE EXERCISING!! I need someone who will hold me accountable and someone who will work out with me. In this moment, this is what I know I need to get started. I’m sure once I get started and begin creating the habit, I will run with it but the hardest part is getting started! I JUST NEED TO GET STARTED!! 😭😭😭

But starting today, I’m pledging to taking the steps I need to do everything that I want to accomplish! Today is a new day!

What habit do you want to create into a lifestyle?

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