Ayesha Curry: Are Y’all Mad or Nah?

So in the easy access of the internet, are we still basing our opinions off a 1 minute clip or are we going to spend the same time with spend scrolling Facebook to get the facts? From what I’ve been seeing we taking the a 1 minute clip and casting judgements instead of getting facts.

So if you are clueless to what is going on Ayesha Curry and the Curry ladies sat down for Red Table Talk. A question was asked first by Jada Pinkett-Smith about how the women handled the women that throws themselves at their husbands and fiancé. Then Ayesha stated something to the fact that she was a little insecure that she doesn’t get the attention from other guys. And the internet went crazy and started insinuating that Ayesha was disrespectful of her marriage and ungrateful to have a great guy like Steph. If you missed the show, its about 27 mins and overall a great episode. It is posted down below.

Here is what she meant, from my perspective. I’m giving my opinion as it relates to me and my feelings in my marriage at some points. What Ayesha was saying that sometimes she would like to know that she is attractive to someone else. Not saying that she is out in these streets looking to cheat on Steph but she wants to know that she can still turn heads. That other men still think that she is desirable. After being married for so long and kids come into play, things are not how they were in the beginning of marriage when you having sex like rabbits and you were all over each other.

When kids start coming, everyone has their jobs/careers, things that was once a forethought is no longer a forethought anymore. The love and affection that was once dished out with just a passing gets swept under the rug because other tasks become more important, like bills, working, being tired from paying bills and working. The date nights have stopped, the alone time have been replace with school routines, homework, carpooling to sporting events, work. We forget to let each other know that we still desire one another.

Men flirt all the time with women, just to see if that can still pull them in. Us women would like to know that we are still desirable out here in these streets. Attention the male species makes us feel good, makes us feel like we know our spouses got a good looking wife/girlfriend. We want that and need that every once in a while. Just because women seek or not seeking a little bit of attention from the male species doesn’t mean that we are disrespecting our husbands/significant others, it simply meaning we want to know that WE STILL GOT IT!! After life has turned our hairs grey, boobs not standing up any more, booty sagging just a little more than we would want it to. A wink, mild flirt, or a “What’s up, shorty”, does the heart good! A tad bit of attention, can do the heart some good.

Ayesha Curry, I get it!!! We ALL whether we admit it or not, want to know we still go it!!

Everyone else who reaching for something that ain’t there, go sit down somewhere, your tracks showing! Worry about that!!!!

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